U-FISH Open to the public hour's posted on calendar page

We are a u-fish, you do it all! Including taking the fish off the hook.

If you are looking for one On one fishing class, this is not the place for you. 

We supply everything you need. Just show up during our hour's.

No reservations needed during operating hours FOR THE U-FISH.  

As of  8/16/17 we are no longer offering pond 1, so only pond 2/ big area is open. Fish are $7.00-$32.00 per fish

We supply cane poles, bait, bucket and net. We even clean the fish free if you like. We don't allow outside poles, except when noted on the calendar page. We are here to help you with pointer's such as putting the bait on the hook. We do not bait your hook or take the fish off the hook we will walk you thru this but, if your not willing to try then this is not the place for you.  We do knock the fish out when you are ALL DONE FISHING and the fish are off the hook, out of the net and in a bucket with NO WATER.

***** Do not cut the line!!! Ask for help.

Although we are a u-fish, we can not guarantee the fish will jump on the hook. Some day's take longer then others but there are day's you put the hook in the water and they jump on. The bait is made with their food so they know the smell, want to make it last? Bring power bait or worms. But I cant say what they will do! Hint, another way to make it last is if you have more then 1 child have them help each other. 1 use the pole and the other net it for them

This is private property, ( Our Front Yard ), so there is no license required. And please be respectful return all the items as you found them (or better) please return unused bait and cup as we reuse them this helps keep cost down. Extra bait is NOT for feeding the fish.

We offer picnic tables for eating (may not always be available ) not for people/children to walk on or change children on.

We also offer a restroom please use it if needed!! Not the trees or the parking lot.

NO catch and release, (you cant put the fish back or no oops it just fell back in) or harming the fish, such as excessively jerking the pole, (setting the hook), or lifting the fish out of the water with the pole!! We have nets, and require you to use them on any size fish.  If you continue to pull the fish out of the water we will impose fine, and/or ask you and your group to leave.

***Imagine a hook on your lip and trying to pull you up off the ground. Humm it would rip your lip? YES. After the fish having their lip ripped they sit on the bottom of the pond till they die.

We are a state certified food fish supplier. YES you can eat the fish. Our water is all spring water so the fish have a very fresh taste. We estimate 5000 gallon an hour of spring water comes into our ponds from our protected springs. It comes in from our spring and goes out, never sits still.

We have 2 ponds (area) open. Area 1 The (This pond is not available during fall or winter months.) fish are 11 - 14" and all are $7.50 - $8.00 each. Area 2 the fish are 10 - 36" and are priced by the length of the fish there is a chart in the cleaning shed.  

There is also a fish feeding machine that you can use. For $.25 you can get  fish food to feed the fish in the last area, while you wait for the whole group to arrive or just for enjoyment. We are expanding the feeding area we ask that you please don't cross the nets.

All prices include cleaning and a bag to take the fish home for lunch/dinner. At this time we do not offer ice.


This seems to be a problem , people are losing (or cutting the line) the hooks in the fish and not telling the person cleaning, if this continues we will no longer clean the fish for you here you may take it home and do it there.***

**For the sensitive person: Beware, we use a club to knock the fish out. So yes we use a knife to clean the fish so there is blood.  

To help keep our costs down, be respectful! Clean up after yourself, and take note of signs posted!! Please return unused bait and cup as we recycle them to help keep cost down. We offer a hand rinse sink, if you need more then that we ask you use wipes as children like to play in the water and the liquid sanitizer is not good for the fish. Please rinse your hands before you use the towel.

Warning the hooks have barbs and are very sharp. You are responsible for where your hook lands.

No Checks Accepted.  Visa/ Welcome

All items left over 14 day's will be donated.